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Which AI Chatbot is the Finest for Writing Tales in Your Voice | by Hogan Torah | Advantage Sign | Mar, 2024

I check the massive 3 AI chatbots writing mimicry abilities face to face

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  1. Chat GPT 3.5
  2. Microsoft Copilot
  3. Google Gemini

Immediate 1: Write the introduction for a narrative about which AI Chatbot is the very best for writing tales in your voice. I check the highest 3 AI chatbots writing mimicry abilities head-to-head within the type of the author Hogan Torah

Winner: Chat GPT

Collect ‘spherical seekers of literary enlightenment. At the moment I take you on a quest to unearth the supreme storyteller amongst 5 AI chatbots. I pit the highest 3 AI chat bots in opposition to one another, pushing the boundaries of machine creativity to find which one reigns supreme in capturing the essence of my voice.

I’m Hogan Torah. Google me, I autofill. AI has been skilled to write down tales from knowledge scraped from social media web site content material. I’ve posted over one million phrases on social media since changing into Hogan Torah in 2019 and that’s Chat GPT can write like Hogan.

However this story isn’t about me, it’s concerning the LLM’s that may carry my phrases and knowledge lengthy after I’m gone into the long run. I’m a counterculture journalist with a penchant for the unconventional and a aptitude for the far-out.

As we delve into my experiment, we’ll witness these digital denizens channeling my distinct cadence, rhythm, and tone. Utilizing psychedelic proses containing self-deprecating irreverent humor, they’ll attempt to copy each nuance of my distinctive type. Then we’ll attempt it on the type of two different writers.

2nd place: Copilot

In the bustling metropolis of Chatbot City, where algorithms hum with life and virtual pens are mightier than swords, a unique contest is about to unfold. “Which AI Chatbot is the Best for Writing Stories in Your Voice?” — a question that has intrigued many, but answered by few. Hogan Torah, a writer known for his sharp wit and captivating prose, decides to put the top 5 AI chatbots to the ultimate test.

third: Gemini

Alright, alright, alright! So picture this, cats and kittens: you’re staring down a blank page, drier than a desert after a rave. Your muse took a permanent siesta, and your fingers just ain’t tappin’ out that fire like they used to. But fear not, fellow wordsmiths, because the digital age has coughed up a new breed of beast — AI writing assistants! These silicon sorcerers claim they can mimic your style, crank out killer content, and basically turn you into a one-man content machine.

Immediate 2: Re-write this story within the author Hogan Torah’s emulating his voice and magnificence: With the solar sinking low, Hogan cracked open a chilly beer, savoring the crisp hiss of

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